Friday, September 29, 2006


18"x24" Oil on Canvas

Another painting from a few years ago. This is one of my better paintings I think because I managed to keep it loose. I tried very hard to avoid painting it "tightly", which is a constant stuggle for me. I love to paint glass and these bottles were very colorful as well making them the perfect still life for me. My second Venice painting is still in the works. Life is busy! Enjoy!


David said...

Lisa -- these are a neat set of bottles! They're so colorful -- eye candy, to be sure! Beautiful.

David said...

And, I think I really like your loose style with this one. You probably already know a bunch of exercises, but one that really works for me, if I'm getting fussy, is to set a time limit, or even a brush size limit, one that I think is waaaay to big for the painting, and then see what happens. I end up using the corners of the brush, the tip, back end, etc. It's a good challenge. Looking forward to see what comes next!

Lisa said...

Thank you David for your insightful tip. Setting a time limit is a great idea, especially for me. Glad you stopped by!!

Emily said...

Oh do we still have these bottles?
I think we do! But you know what I like better ?! THIS PICTURE!